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If you have played games like monopoly and the game Cashflow 101 (and my favorite Cashflow 202) then you know the value of having fun, getting educated and doing your research.  If you have spent much time in the business you know it’s what you know that makes you money.  Of course you have to work like you’ve never worked before if you want to get wealthy fast, but it’s the most enjoyable work you can do.

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Quick start-up Guide

Super fast start up guide for the Real Estate investor


Why Read this blog?

This start up guide is for those that want to learn how to set up a real estate investment company to be hands free (as much as possible) and reduce your exposure to risk while you invest.  It’s designed to grow huge, so you can have hundreds of properties in your portfolio without being a slave to your investments. Follow this guide to learn how to set up your entities (LLC’s if that’s what makes sense for you), how to set up your bookkeeping and business systems right from the beginning.

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Hands Free Landlording

Six Steps to Hands Free Landlording for Millions – The Book


For  limited time I’m going to put my new book online while I’m writing it.  You guys all have a chance to read it for free and comment and get responses on it!  I’m really excited to see how this interactive book writing process goes and I thank you all for taking part of this incredible process!


Current chapters:


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