We are Philip and Nevena Cutting.  We’ve been investing in real estate since 2007 and have seen a lot of the ups and downs in that time.  We’ve also spent a lot more in real estate training, seminars, and trips than we feel people should have to in order to be able to be successful at investing than they should have to.  We are going to bring our experience and training to you and to make it incredibly affordable for you.

When we first started out, we got books, went to seminars and put a lot of it on our credit cards.  When I look back, I wish that I could have taken some of that money and used it to purchase houses!  The problem was that I had to spend it to learn how to find, develop and maintain my real estate.  A lot of the training was way over priced.  When I look back, I have made a lot more money from it then it cost me, but I remember how many years I had to save up just to get enough to get started.  It was a lot of work, but well worth it all!


We are going to help give you the same opportunities to learn just what we did and for you to profit from our experiences, gains, and losses. We are excited to bring this to you and hope you learn a lot and enjoy what we have to share with you. Please get involved in the discussions, and feel free to contact us, we are looking forward to hearing from you.


Phil at the golf course

This is Philip, enjoying a little business at the golf course.

Phil and Philcho on the road

These are the men on a business trip.

This is the whole team back in 2008

This is the whole team back in 2008

charly in blankets

This is Charly, our team mascot!


Contact us to share your goals and experiences with us.  We are looking forward to seeing the success that you have!