Build your investing power team

13 Build your power team:

Time: 12 hours total, day 3 to 5

Now is the time to start building your power team.  Those people that you go to to help you run your business, get you out of trouble or even keep you out in the first place.  Below we’ll cover some of the key team members you will need to run a successful real estate business and to invest well in real estate locally or nationally.  This will be the basic blueprint for wherever you go.

It’s important to just start building your team without trying to make the “PERFECT” team.  It will never be perfect and will grow and change as you and your business does.  People move on and so will you.  So focus on doing this fast and later focus on making it better.

  • Title company: I use First American Title (reference Phil Cutting as a customer from Columbus Ohio office, I don’t get any credit, but it’ll help them understand that you are serious and they know how I work and they can call that office for questions).  Check out some of the local guys also, they should be accessible, communicate well, be able to give you leads, and either have or be a real estate tax attorney (you will probably use a different one for your contracts and business, but they should be able to answer questions and understand investors).

  • 24×7 emergency services

    • Have a night and day HVAC and Plumber.

    • Call them every 6 months to make sure they are still in business of 24/7 service if you haven’t talked to them for a while.  These calls are rare if you set up your maintenance right, but they do happen.

  • Real estate attorney.  Ask around and find the real estate attorney that meets your needs.

  • Bookkeeper/CPA/Tax attorney.  Call up and find a good affordable tax preparer.  you can do it yourself or outsource it.

    • If you signed up for the newsletters you will get good tips on tax prep.

    • If you want to outsource some of it, check out, they also have good tips and how to’s to do it yourself using quickbooks.

  • Realtor.  Find a good realtor.  You may need a seperate one for buying and another one for selling.  They are different skills.  I do this by calling 10 or so realtors that I see from marketing and seeing who calls me back.  Also, I ask the title company who is a couple good realtors for investors.

  • Handy man.  You want to have a well priced and qualified handy man.  Ask around, ask wholesalers, local reia’s, home depot…  Keep in mind that many investors will not share their best handyman, for fear of them getting overwhelmed with business and or jacking up their prices.  Look on craigslist and even post on craigslist that you are looking for a good handyman with 5+ years of experience.

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