Business cards that show success

Chapter 11: Step 10 in Quick Start Guide.

Order your business cards


Time: 1 hour, day 3

I recommend (use the paid ones, don’t let them put their name on the back of your card).  (every time you get a business card, make sure you write on it where you met the person and something personal about them & what you talked about).

I have a couple cards, that address different relationships.  For example, I have a card for banks that say “Manager”, for buying properties and networking I have a card that says, “Investor, we buy properties any condition fast for a fair price”, and for tenants I have a card that says, “Customer Relations”.  I change these up once in a while as I test my marketing (and yes, your business card is marketing and it has to deliver a message).  As you get into the business you will learn how to test different messages and see what results they make.  Different roles will have a different phone number or extension for that role because the message on my phone system is targeted to that person or relationship that I want to develop.

My business card has my name, my managed mail address, my business number, a photo (just seems to go over well), the message i want to deliver or title (sometimes both), facebook fan page (it’s ok if you don’t have one yet, it’s covered in the advanced material).

Professional business cards scream ‘Success’.  They make you stand out.  They don’t have to be sterile, but they should show confidence.

Action steps:

Go to

Order one set of business cards for your management company with the following:

  • Title: “Investor”

  • Message: “We buy houses in any condition, as is, for cash, when you want to sell”

  • Name, phone, email, website, mailing address (I don’t use my home address), facebook fan page

  • Photo (optional).

Simple is good here.  It’s more important to get other people’s information than it is for them to get yours because you will start marketing to them.  Also, don’t get too many cards because you will change things as you go.

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