Congratulate yourself on successfully setting up your company

Chapter 17: Step 16

Congratulate yourself for finishing the phase of your business development!

Take a moment and Congratulate yourself!  You just did more than most people ever will and you are well on the path to being ultra successful!  Not just that, but went through a lot of work and I’m proud of you. Make sure that you signed up for the newsletter to stay up on events and get information that you will not find anywhere else!  The next step is to follow your plan and keep yourself accountable, if you want help with that send me an email and I’ll be glad to help.  Good luck and God Bless!

Now Go check out our other trainings on:

  1. Planning

    1. your marketing strategy {Coming Soon}

    2. your daily/weekly/monthly/yearly operations  {Coming Soon}

    3. Phil’s Quick Business Plan: 25/10/4/2 (check it out!)  {Coming Soon}

    4. Setting your milestones and goals  {Coming Soon}

    5. Progress review and accountability.  {Coming Soon}

  2. Leverage, make it so you can walk away from your business for 6 or 12 months and have a larger business then when you left (not smaller or dead)  {Coming Soon}

  3. Action – take massive action and make it directed and focused every day.  {Coming Soon}

  4. Keep your eyes on what is Now and what is Next.  {Coming Soon}

  5. Systems and Strategy.  {Coming Soon}

There is an acronym for planning and execution, it’s called PLANS.  I forget where I heard it, but it’s one that I really like.  Check out the short summary on the subject and soon I’ll try to make a blog about it, but I would like you to start thinking ahead and make some PLANS for the growth of your company.



(P) Plan a marketing plan,

(L) Leverage, can you walk away from the business for 6 months or a year and still have a business. – IE. Hire someone, even if it’s for one hour a week

(A) Action – Massive, directed action every day.

(N) Next and Now, when is the next promotion, speaking gig, next product launch, and what is next after that.   - This is the back and.  You start with planning, you focus on now (today’s tasks) and what is going to happen next

(S) Strategy and Systems


Still not sure where to start?  Want a little support, check out our support system and coaching to help you speed up your progress and reduce the risk and mistakes that come with learning the industry.  Success is right around the corner for you now! See you there!


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