Make your branding and logo for your real estate company

Chapter 9: Step 8

Create your branding Logo for your real estate management company.

Time: 1 hour, day 2 (It’ll only take you about 1 hour to pick the contract, but it will probably take the person a few days to a week to finish it. No problem! Get it started, and move on to the next steps).

Either brainstorm this yourself or go to and pay someon $5 to help you out.  Sometimes they will require a few extra $$ if you want special options so check out their “extra gigs” so see what they provide.

What is branding?

Let’s make brading simple, by defining it as “Name, terms, sign or design combined to make goods and services differentiate from others and to be memorable”.   Simply stated, it should be a short saying and image that identifies you.  Think of a tattoo, but less permanent.

What goes into good branding?

It should be memorable, and it should target your key audience.  If you are dealing with high end properties, then you should have some imagery of luxury, if you are dealing with low or middle income, then you should have value.  There is riches in the niches, so don’t try to be everything to everyone.


Why is it important to have branding?

Later you will be marketing and this means repeated exposure.  Sometimes you will be marketing to your current tenants just to make them feel good.  Give them something that lets them know this message is coming from you.  Branding makes people feel like you are a serious and maybe even large company that can be there for a long time.  Without branding you look like the kid that goes door to door to cut grass.  Branding instills confidence.  Design it now so that you can work it into your business cards, leases, your letters, emails, your websites, blogs, fan pages, and staff apparel later on.


This is a short blog, because it’s just the first step for more advanced steps that you don’t need to distract yourself with for now.  Just do this quick and move on to the money making steps.


Action Steps:

1) Go to and search for “design branding” and / or “design logo”.  Check out some offers for branding/logos, and initial a couple interviews.  Find someone that will work with you a little and has a good reputation.  It may cost up to $25 if you go for a lot of extras, but for $5 you can get a great start and a good clean logo to get you going. Later you can go and improve it, but for now, just something simple and clean will be good and put you on track for bigger and better later.

Put on it, your name, your logo, your call to action or slogan and optionally your phone, website and email address.  I would get two logos, one without the contact info on it, and one with the contact info on it.

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