Quick start-up Guide

Super fast start up guide for the Real Estate investor


Why Read this blog?

This start up guide is for those that want to learn how to set up a real estate investment company to be hands free (as much as possible) and reduce your exposure to risk while you invest.  It’s designed to grow huge, so you can have hundreds of properties in your portfolio without being a slave to your investments. Follow this guide to learn how to set up your entities (LLC’s if that’s what makes sense for you), how to set up your bookkeeping and business systems right from the beginning.

Why I wrote this blog?

After years of trial and error, of many thousands of dollars in training, and degrees I’ve finally found a system that works well for me.  It’s not perfect, and it’s a work in progress, but it’s a system that works and makes sense.  For years before I was able to get started, I looked for answers, and good ones were hard to come by.  Sometimes that is because I didn’t know the right answers, sometimes it was because they are closely held secrets of the rich.

Then after years of working in the field, I understood some of those rich and why they kept their “secrets”.  It wasn’t that they were greedy or evil.  In many cases it is the opposite.  They were tired of trying to help many people, only to have been insulted and abused when things didn’t go the way someone hoped they would or thought they knew better or just wanted to jump over them.  It’s sad even to see when the dog bites the hand that feeds it, but it happens all the time.

So eventually I started to learn the tricks and “secrets” of the trade of real estate investing and what the successful investor mindset was.  In this blog and the books set forth from it I plan to share these tips, tricks and secrets with those who are ready to search them out.

Set forth from here is a quick start guide for real estate investors.  Most of it is focused on people that buy and hold landlords, while some of it talks about flippers and wholesalers.  The reason I get into so much detail in this guide for buy and hold landlords is because even flippers and wholesalers end up holding on to properties for one or two years.  Sometimes a deal doesn’t work out the way you planned and landlording should be one of your backup exit strategies.  Also, landlording if done right, creates incredible cash flow and wealth and can feed your business and give you consistency.

Going forward we’ll give you step by step instructions on how to start up your own successful real estate investment company.  As you know, I’m not an attorney or a CPA and thus this is more of a story on how I do it, so it is not to be construed as investment advice for your specific situation and I am not making any statements of how much you could make, because you could lose a lot of money or you could make millions.  What I do know is that these steps will lead to success if done properly and if you are not shy to get out and do the work and ask the right people the right questions based off of what you have learned here.

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The Blogs:

Chapter 1: Super fast and direct start up guide for the real estate investor

Chapter 2: Step 1: Choosing the state you want to invest in. Step 1 in the quick start up guide.

Chapter 3: Step 2: Open two LLC’s. Step 2 in the quick start guide

Chapter 4: Step 3: Set up your operating agreement.

Chapter 5: Step 4: Go to the IRS and get a EIN for each LLC (or Entity) that you have.

Chapter 6: Step 5: Go to myfico.com and pull your 3 credit reports/scores.

Chapter 7: Step 6: Go to the bank Open up Business accounts.

Chapter 8: Step 7: Set Up your phone system

Chapter 9: Step 8: Create your branding

Chapter 10: Step 9: Create your lease.

Chapter 11: Step 10: Order your business cards

Chapter 12: Step 11: Create a travel Binder with the following

Chapter 13: Step 12: Build your power team:

Chapter 14: Step 13: List your phone with 411:

Chapter 15: Step 14: Buy Quickbooks Pro

Chapter 16: Step 15. You are now ready to get into action! It’s time to hit the ground running

Chapter 17 :Step 16: Optional Resource and sites so that you can stay informed.

Chapter 18: Step 17: Congratulate yourself at this point!