quickbooks pro for your real estate accounting

Chapter 15: Step 14

Go get Quickbooks Pro

Quickbooks pro to me is the best starting bookkeeping software for new investors.  There are tons of options available but for low cost and for starting out, quickbooks pro gives you everything you need.  For now just go with it.  The full cost of it is under $200 if you buy it on amazon.

Bookkeeping and accounting is a must for your business.  If you do not keep control of that, you can easily lose control of your company and end up spending much more money than you need to on expenses rather than on growing your company.  Learning how to read financial statements is key to reading the financial health of your company.

If you are new to quickbooks, consider buying John Hyre’s book: ‘The Real Estate Investor’s KISS Guide to Bookkeeping’.  It’s a great book with tons of valuable information for the do it yourself investor.  This guide will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars when doing your taxes and yearly accounting.

Get Quickbooks

  1. Buy quickbooks pro.  You can get it pretty cheap on amazon or if you are working with a quickbooks proadvisor you might be able to get a little bit better discount.

  2. Go to LionBookkeeping.com for support and help on quickbooks

    1. These guys are quickbooks proadvisors and have been working with quickbooks for real estate investors for years.

    2. Look at these guys and see if you want them to do your bookkeeping for you.  It’ll save you a lot of time and they get discounts on quickbooks. They can also help you get started quickly.

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