What phone systems do you need as a beginner real estate investor

Chapter 8: Step 7

Set Up your phone system

Time: 2 hours, day 2.

Set up a professional phone system that will help serve you and protect you in case of trails and help make your evictions run smoothly.  You want to have a main mailbox for your communications that you can respond to quickly.  Google voice is a good free option, but I recommend PBNext.  In addition to your business voice mailbox, you will want to have another line for maintenance calls that always goes to a recording.  Make sure that you call people right back after they leave a maintenance call to encourage their use of it and not calling you directly.

Also, you can use Google Voice either in conjunction or without PBNext.  I use both in conjunction because it allows me to do this around the world and tie it in with my Skype.

Action Steps:

  • Go to PBNext.com

  • Register for the service (around $29.95 per month).

  • Set it up so that you get email notifications as soon as someone leaves a message (it’s easy, call their support if you need help, also there is a video from the newsletters that you have signed up for that should also help and gives you tips and tricks to make this easier).

  • Consider setting up a user for your maintenance support guy so that he gets the messages for support calls (this is also easier than it sounds, call their support if you need help or watch the video from the newsletter).

  • Set up the following extensions:

    • 311 – Maintenance Requests

      • Set the voice message for them to leave you name, phone number and a detailed message.

        • “You have reached <Management LLC> maintenance support line. Please leave your name, number and a detailed explanation of your maintenance request.  Thank you and we will contact you back as soon as possible”.

    • 911 – Maintenance Emergencies (optional)

      • Explain on the voice message that this is only for emergencies and not medical ones (call the real 911 for help if it’s life threatening), call 311 for non emergency requests. and that abuses to this number

        • “You have reached <Management LLC> critical emergency hotline.  If this is a life threatening emergency please call 911.  If this is a non emergency issue, please call 311, non critical emergencies will be charged a $75 service fee.  Leave your name, phone  numbers and detailed message for this emergency.  After you have left a message, you can reach <Name> directly at <xxx-xxxx-xxxx>.”

    • 1 & 0, default – General inquiries

      • Hello, you have reached <your name> <Role – Manager, President..> at <Management LLC>, I’m sorry I’ve missed your call.  Please leave your name, number, best time to call you back and a short message so I can know how to best serve your needs. Our Fax Number is <xxx-xxx-xxxx> and my email is <email.com>.  Thank you and have a great day.”

      • Note: PBNext gives you a free fax number


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